img443.jpgThis article, merely is not provoking, not telling you a story about my short experience living in a country with a monarchy system.

Monarch, as I remember is a name of the Alpha in Need for Speed movie. He is the one who conducts the race and spreads it on line. Well, that is not relevant. But I am trying to let you know who I am. I am a fast lover. I love walking fast. I love driving and riding fast, I wish I could talk as fast as I can, especially in other languages which are not my first language. And to be honest, English is not my first language. I am sorry if there are grammar mistakes or diction mistakes. If you believe, I am trying my best to use my English accordingly.

This article is actually a contemplative response which I address to myself. But I would love to know if someone’s reading this article then being enlightened as I read the book (which was enlightened me) as the sole source of my words here. The book is rather old than new. Rather complicated than fun. Rather philosophical than practical. And you will understand why I stated it as rather complicated than fun, because for me, knowledge always demand us to transform to be a better person, at least if not better for you or other people around me, it will make me better as myself. That is a form of liberty. When we do what we think is best, when we do something without harming people around.

The book sourced my whole contemplation here is “On Liberty” by John Stuart Mill. He is well known as a philosopher, politician, and a lover of other man’s wife. I am sorry, I don’t mean to put bad image of him. I wrote that because I want myself to remember that Mill, a man who apparently becomes my inspiration is just human. He made mistake, even though that is not a fatal at all, but his decision was, long time ago, triggering critics over him. For some people, the decision he made to marry other man’s wife is actually a great decision, because this woman is affecting Mill’s guts. Since he married her, his writing became incomparable.

The decision taken by Mill was actually a free will, freedom, liberty. I wonder if he already knows about this free will before marrying her queen. But, this is what I try to put in mind. Some decision will bear consequences, of course. I believe that even 5 years old children will understand about consequences. If I am allowed to exaggerate human life in consequences, I would say that we are actually the consequences. Our role is to be other’s people consequences. We are the consequence of our parents’ relationship. Our parents’ marriage is the consequence of the culture, the law, or whatever it is. Your name is even the consequence of the culture.

If I take my name as a reflection, then what comes to my mind is actually the meaning of it. Why it has that meaning, and why my parents gave me that strange name? Is any expectation containing the name? What consequence that you take from this name? Some people then predict your identity, because your name sounds like Egyptians. What kind of question people will ask you when they presuming that you are an Egyptians?

Why they asked you? Is that because these people just watch The Mummy movie? Or that those people are interested in Mesopotamia’s history? Or you don’t have triggered by the why and what at all? Why I am triggered and why you are not is the normal phenomenon like why I feel alright and you feel not alright as a reaction to any phenomenon.

Who is going to judge whether any reaction is better or not, expected or not? Who is having the authority?

Mill told me on his essays, it is society.

To be honest, I am an alienated person, not because I am having such an alien name, but I love being alone. I love asking question to the tree which I expected as Bodhi tree so I can be a Buddha (kidding), and try to find the answer myself. If the tree is talking to me as for an answer, I will stop being alone, I swear.

My point is, society, is the source of the flaws, the ethos, ethics, law, people perception, religion, all of them will somehow rules you, forbid you not to do that. You know what I mean, as this is happen to our society. Though if you don’t think you are not the part of it, you are still the part of your family or any other environment that nurtures and shapes you.

But that is reality. The key I stressed to myself is ‘the environment that nurtures and shapes you’. I know what it is and I know how it works. Everything in my mind is not given by God instantly in a second of lifetime. Those memories stay, those knowledges (the greatest part), those feelings of tragedy, comedy, people, moment. What are they? Why they stay if they don’t contribute something that really important in our life? Are they just for our happiness? Yes, it can be just that, but if those make us happy, can we assume that it probably will make other people as happy as we are if they try what we’ve tried?

This is merely our own decision: To try to make people as happy as we are, or to not. No one will judge our decision over it. But one will have to take the consequences over their decision. And to remember, that we were all shaped by other people’s mind, knowledge, story, feelings, unconsciously. And that’s why society is the correct answer to hold this authority. But don’t be sad, because knowledge is very and the most powerful (for some people it is money). What we have to do is actually make them to be as knowledgeable as we are, so they will understand our choices.

Then it comes to the conclusion, that for me, liberty is a way to make people unity, through humbleness. Liberty is actually the originality of our individuality. Liberty is something graceful, sublime. We can’t force liberty settle in our mind. Liberty will be gained through radical understanding about our nature as a beautiful human being. Thanks to Mill, by his book, I know that I am a liberal person and therefore I understand that I have the great freedom.


Contemplation over Liberty’s Reflections

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